Our dedicated trading team, based in London, Milan and Madrid, provides a 24/7 service for renewable energy generators.

We help power producers to optimise their revenues with competitive power purchase agreements (PPAs) and to manage the risk related to intermittent electricity output, using sophisticated analysis and forecasting models.

We are renewable energy generators ourselves, so we are well versed in the issues energy producers face when interacting with the market. This makes us the ideal partner to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that power producers face.

Portfolio management

Our in depth knowledge of European energy markets we unlocks opportunities to optimise the revenues of renewable plants and mitigate the price risk through financial and physical hedging.

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The power of environmental certificates

We trade environmental certificates at the most competitive prices:

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs)

We can purchase Guarantees of Origin associated with IGO-certified plants (plants with Guarantee of Origin).

Our pan-European network of buyers enables us to offer competitive prices to renewable energy power producers.

REGOs certify that electricity has been generated from renewable sources.

Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

ROCs encourage electricity generators to produce renewable power.

The number of ROCs are related to the technology that you use. The newer the technology, the more certificates you receive.

We trade on spot markets and through forward contracts with trusted counterparties.

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Why choose Renantis ?

  • 1.8 TWh of energy dispatched (80% from wind and PV sources)
  • 4 TWh of energy traded on the physical and financial markets
  • >1 GW of power contracted at a European level

Download our quarterly energy market reports to see our insights on consumption, production and price trends.

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Focus on the UK market
Focus on the Italian market

Substation design and execution

Electrical substations are key components of a transmission and distribution network. They provide power equipment and devices for the shunting, monitoring, protection, control and fiscal measurement of energy and enable it to be supplied efficiently and reliably.

Our team provides high voltage interconnection solutions for renewable energy plants, constructing electrical substations on a turnkey basis complete with civil works, balance of plant supply and including connection to the high voltage power line. We provide the design and construction of stations up to 500 kV.

Specialist advisory for better energy projects

Through Vector Renewables we offer asset management, technical and legal advisory services to utilities, developers, energy companies, investment funds and lenders.

Our advisory services cover the entire project life cycle: from project development to construction, from commissioning to the evaluation and possible extension of the useful life of the plant, including assistance in M&A and lender’s advisory services for project finance.

In addition, we provide comprehensive legal advisory services at any stage of a clean energy project, including keeping clients up to date and in compliance with the latest regulatory developments.