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As an international developer, focusing purely on renewable energy, our operational assets span the UK, Italy, the US, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden. Check out our assets by country, technology or stage of development on our interactive map.

Our plants awaiting authorisation

  • 50 plants
  • 12,387 MW installed capacity
Additional Summary
Åliden Wind 46.80 808.00 Operational Sweden
Annapolis Solar Park Solar 18.10 8,798.46 Operational USA
Assel Valley Wind 25.00 20,386.00 Operational United Kingdom
Auchrobert Wind 38.40 24,354.00 Operational United Kingdom
Ben Aketil Wind 27.60 42,262.00 Operational United Kingdom
Bois Ballay Wind 12.00 1,560.00 Operational France
Boyndie Wind 16.70 10,498.00 Operational United Kingdom
Brattmyrliden Wind 74.10 4,212.25 Operational Sweden
Buddusò-Alà dei Sardi Wind 138.00 72,597.58 Operational Italy
Cabezo San Roque Wind 23.30 15,000.00 Operational Spain
Cardonita – Centuripe Solar 3.78 2,480.00 Operational Italy
Carrecastro Wind 10.00 17,000.00 Operational Spain
Cefn Croes Wind 58.50 39,489.00 Operational United Kingdom
Dartmouth Solar 6.00 2,931.36 Operational USA
Donema Solar 0.95 251.90 Operational Italy
Earlsburn Wind 37.50 27,001.00 Operational United Kingdom
Eolteam Wind 12.00 1,432.00 Operational France
Escatròn Solar 49.86 14,191.80 Operational Spain
Esquennoy Wind 12.50 1,600.00 Operational France
Geneva Solar 2.80 1,381.85 Operational USA
Green Lakes Solar 7.50 775.19 Operational USA
Harford Solar 2.90 1,403.84 Operational USA
Hennøy Wind 50.00 117.00 Operational Norway
Illois Wind 12.00 765.00 Operational France
Iowa Wind Wind 30.00 14,664.11 Operational USA
Judd Road Solar 7.50 775.19 Operational USA
Kilbraur Wind 67.50 42,011.00 Operational United Kingdom
Kingsburn Wind 22.50 19,784.00 Operational United Kingdom
La Calce – Mesagne Solar 1.00 751,000.00 Operational Italy
La Muela Wind 49.50 70,000.00 Operational Spain
Le Fouy Wind 10.00 12,500.00 Operational France
Leominster Solar 2.50 1,219.21 Operational USA
Les Coudrays Wind 10.00 1,143.00 Operational France
Les Crêtes Solar 10.00 12,500.00 Operational France
Mazeray-Bignay Wind 12.00 1,264.00 Operational France
Middleton Energy storage 6.60 2,931.36 Operational USA
Middleton PV Solar 6.00 2,799.00 Operational USA
Millennium Wind 65.00 43,001.00 Operational United Kingdom
Minervino Murge Wind 52.00 27,373.00 Operational Italy
Musgrave Solar 5.74 2,805.73 Operational USA
North Carolina Solar 92.00 44,989.48 Operational USA
North Eagle Village Solar 7.50 775.19 Operational USA
Notarpanaro – Mesagne Solar 2.00 487.00 Operational Italy
Noyales Wind 10.00 1,330.00 Operational France
Nutberry Wind 15.00 12,913.00 Operational United Kingdom
Okla Wind 21.00 117.00 Operational Norway
Palmer Airfield Solar 6.00 2,932.82 Operational USA
Rende Biomass 15.00 N/A Operational Italy
Rende Solar 1.00 570,000.00 Operational Italy
San Sostene Wind 79.50 64,000.00 Operational Italy
Snyder Rd Solar 2.10 1,008.89 Operational USA
Spaldington Airfield Wind 11.80 6,640.00 Operational United Kingdom
Spinasanta – Catania Solar 5.99 3,700.00 Operational Italy
Sugherotorto – Vittoria Solar 3.28 2,100.00 Operational Italy
Trezzo sull’Adda Waste to energy 20.00 47,000.00 Operational Italy
Trezzo sull’Adda Solar 0.08 24.00 Operational Italy
Ty-Ru Wind 10.00 16,000.00 Operational France
Union Spring USA40 Solar 7.50 775.19 Operational USA
Union Spring USA963 Solar 7.50 775.19 Operational USA
Vado Ligure Storage Energy storage 9.00 N/A Operational Italy
West Browncastle Wind 30.00 17,578.00 Operational United Kingdom
Westmoreland Solar 29.60 33,000.00 Operational USA
Koiramäki Wind 29.50 68,880.00 Under construction Finland
Landolina Solare Solar 9.70 8,600.00 Under construction Italy
Mustalamminmäki Wind 29.50 68,880.00 Under construction Finland
Aquileia Solare Solar 9.90 4,566.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Astra Eolico Wind 39.60 23,900.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Bellrock Wind 1,200.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation United Kingdom
Big Fish Solare Solar 227.00 119,500.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Broadshore Wind 500.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation United Kingdom
Campos de Levante Solar 100.00 41,780.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Campos Salados Solar Solar 90.46 35,949.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Campos Zuloaga Solar 70.00 24,859.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Capofeto Solare Solar 7.80 4,100.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Castillo Eolico León – Porqueros Wind 75.00 49,091.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castillo Eolico León – Ucedo Wind 75.00 49,091.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castillo Eolico León – Veldedo Wind 75.00 49,091.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castillo Eolico Palencia – Perales Wind 132.00 106,539.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castillo Eolico Palencia – Villaherreros Wind 144.00 106,539.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castillo Eolico Palencia – Villaumbrales Wind 144.00 106,539.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Castronovo Eolico Wind 30.00 46,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Cerro Solare Solar 46.00 21,772.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Cocciolete Solare Solar 6.56 3,088.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Galatone ZI Solare Solar 6.50 3,300.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Garisi Solare Solar 57.00 31,200.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Granarolo dell’Emilia Waste to energy 22.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation Italy
Iron Solare Solar 37.70 20,800.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Kailia Energia Wind 1,200.00 2,000,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
La Manganizza Solare Solar 8.16 3,465.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Leonacco Basso Solare Solar 7.50 2,993.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Llywelyn Wind 1,000.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation United Kingdom
Mezzanelle Solare Solar 47.27 21,986.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Minervia Energia Wind 675.00 1,000,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Nora Energia 1 Wind 795.00 1,500,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Nora Energia 2 Wind 796.00 1,500,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Odra Energia Wind 1,300.00 2,500,000.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Pérelles Solaire Solar 21.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation France
Pergole Solare Solar 51.30 27,100.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Petralia Sottana Wind 22.10 12,134.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Petroc Wind 1,000.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation United Kingdom
Portoviro Solare Solar 6.20 2,279.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Ripa d’Api Solare Solar 20.00 9,864.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
San Donato Solare Solar 19.81 9,074.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
San Leone Eolico Wind 74.40 36,744.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Santo Toribio Solar Solar 68.00 36,900.00 Awaiting authorisation Spain
Sardella Solare Solar 46.10 24,200.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Sole Siciliano 1, 2 & 3 Solar 15.50 8,400.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Stivaletta Solare Solar 53.70 25,291.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Stromar Wind 1,000.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation United Kingdom
Sugherotorto 2 Solare Solar 3.50 1,800.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Terzo d’Aquileia Solar 32.60 14,087.53 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Tibula Energia Wind 975.00 N/A Awaiting authorisation Italy
Tre Mulini Eolico Wind 18.30 12,800.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Valle di Zasa Solare Solar 29.87 13,900.00 Awaiting authorisation Italy
Youïs Solaire Solar 4.99 5,828.00 Awaiting authorisation France

Our impact

  • 1,420 MW Installed
  • 0.53 Megatons of CO2 emissions avoided in 2022
  • 3,246 GWh generated in 2022

For almost two decades, we have built projects in partnership and co-operation with local communities.

Sustainability is not just about producing and enabling the use of clean energy, it is also about building strong relationships and sharing the economic value generated with all our stakeholders while safeguarding the environments in which we operate. 

Our work with the communities near our assets brings social benefits, and by adopting advanced technologies and design solutions, we minimise the environmental impact, integrating projects responsibly in the local area.

Our Technology

We have 1,096MW of wind power installed in Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and the UK, where we rank among the biggest private renewable energy operators.

When we develop onshore wind projects, our considerations reach far beyond the site and the technology. Everything we do revolves around partnerships – with landowners, the communities who live near our projects, the local workforce that helps build, operate and maintain them, and public officials. We build on these foundations to develop projects that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Working with strategic and experienced partners, we will develop floating offshore wind farms to provide zero carbon energy to the Italian regions of Apulia, Sardinia and Calabria, as well as Scotland, Wales and South West England in the UK.

Cutting-edge floating wind technology will enable the plants to be located in deeper water and further offshore, minimising visual and environmental impacts while taking advantage of stronger and more consistent winds. We will bring community involvement and ownership to offshore wind for the first time, while developing local supply chains and creating jobs in the UK and Italy.

We have five areas of interest in Italy, with an installed capacity of around 5.5GW.

Odra Energia
Kailia Energia
Minervia Energia
Nora Energia
Tibula Energia

United Kingdom
In the UK we have identified Scotland and the Celtic Sea as the most suitable locations for our offshore projects.


We currently have 278MW of solar PV capacity installed in Italy, the US and Spain. In partnership with academic and agricultural institutes, we are working on agrivoltaic projects, which integrate solar PV energy generation with agricultural production using solar panels that automatically adjust their tilt to maximise both agricultural production and energy yield. This facilitates agricultural activities, creates a new industry and local jobs, as well as preserving soil fertility.

We develop standalone and renewables-integrated energy storage projects, which reduce dependence on the national grid and dispatch energy when it is needed. Our software solutions and simulators also support technical and economic feasibility studies. We are the first company in Italy to provide fast reserve services to the Italian transmission system operator. A 9MW/ 8MWh storage system helps to power the logistics platform of Vado Ligure’s port.

We use renewable energy and electrolyzer technology to produce green, emissions-free hydrogen that can replace natural gas and coal in a range of applications.

The Knockshinnoch Green Hydrogen Hub Project in Scotland will be one of the first fully off-grid green hydrogen supply systems in the UK. Wind power will be used to power an electrolyzer to produce fuel-cell grade hydrogen. The compressed hydrogen will be used in transport and other applications. The hub will supply around 160 tonnes of green hydrogen per year – enough to power around 20 12-metre buses travelling 75,000 miles per year.

We have 46MW of installed capacity in biomass and waste-to-energy generation in Italy, including a 15MW biomass power plant in Cosenza, a 20MW waste-to-energy plant in Milan and a 11MW waste-to-energy plant in Bologna.

Our community involvement

As an early leader in community engagement, we began building relationships with the communities around our onshore projects in the UK from the very beginning. We established the first community benefit fund in 2005, and now have successful and trusted community engagement and funding initiatives at all plants in the UK, Sweden, and Norway, as well as some of our projects in Spain, Italy and France.

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