Our services to the industry

We provide highly specialised energy management services to producers, consumers of energy and transmission system operators.

Our solutions span the entire value chain

We deliver sustainable energy solutions, providing clients with our expertise along the entire value chain developed through the daily management of our own powering generating assets.

Site development

We identify suitable locations for wind or photovoltaic plants, taking into account characteristics such as accessibility, distance to the grid, available energy resource, and terrain. Once the site is identified, we carry out all the work required to progress the project through the permitting process.

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We act as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor for everything related to the design, procurement and construction phases of a plant, as well as its maintenance and delivery of power.

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Energy production and market access

Our energy management division supports the production and market access of the energy produced by the renewable plants we own or manage on behalf of others. The power is either sold on the open market or provided to customers through Route-to-Market agreements.

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Transmission and distribution

Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are responsible for transporting electricity over long distances, from the power plants that produce it, to local distribution grids that deliver it to the end customer.

We offer energy storage solutions, integrating technologically advanced components for the best energy management performance.

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Monitoring production and consumption

Our monitoring platform maximises energy production and improves the performance of renewable plants using standardised, automated, digital tools and predictive analytics.

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