Our purpose

To build a better future for all, ​by powering people’s ​everyday lives with care.​

Sustainability is part of our DNA. Although producing and enabling the wider use of clean energy is fundamental to what we do, we believe we have to do more. 

For us, sustainability means creating shared value for all of our stakeholders, whether that’s through funding for the communities surrounding our energy plants, community ownership of our projects or ensuring that we build and maintain our developments with support from local workers and suppliers. Building relationships with our communities, being transparent and caring in our approach, and redistributing value is at the heart of everything we do. 

The Renantis Group

We produce and sell electricity from renewable sources – wind, solar PV and, to a small extent, from waste-to-energy and biomass.

We have a strong presence in Italy, but we also operate in Spain, the UK, France, Sweden and Norway, with plants also under construction in Finland. And we operate in the US through Novis Renewables, our joint venture with Eni.

Our advisory services, provided by Vector Renewables, give us a presence in over 40 countries: with 12 offices in 10 different countries, we are able to reach markets such as Japan, Chile, the Philippines and Australia.

At the end of 2022, our total installed capacity was 1,420MW. Alongside energy production, we provide advisory and technical/ administrative management services for other energy producers, as well as energy management services that can improve energy efficiency by co-ordinating production, distribution and storage. We also offer a system to monitor commercial and industrial energy consumption performance online.

Renantis started developing renewable energy projects in Italy in 2002 and we have been a pioneer of responsible renewable energy development ever since. 

Today, we continue to deliver on our purpose – to build a better future by delivering the clean energy people need. This is how we got to where we are today: 


2002: Falck Renewables was established, with its first renewable energy project – a 14MW waste-to-energy plant in Calabria, Italy.

2004: We acquired our first wind farm in Spain.

2005: We completed construction on our first UK wind farm, Cefn Croes in Wales.

2006: Our first community project was in the UK in 2006, when our pioneering partnership with the Energy4All Foundation enabled thousands of people in Scotland to buy a share of their local wind farm.

2009: We commissioned our first wind farms in France.


2010: All the Group’s renewable energy production activities were consolidated under the Falck Renewables brand. With an installed capacity of 450MW, Falck Renewables became one of the most significant pure players in the sector.

2011: Our first wind farms in Italy started operations.

2014: Our UK subsidiary, Falck Renewables Wind Ltd sold 49% of its assets in the UK to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to help fund its ambitious development plan. We also bought Vector Cuatro, an asset management and technical advisory service for solar and wind power plants.


2018: We bought Energy Team, a leading Italian operator in energy monitoring, control, and management with more than 25 years’ experience. We also created Falck Renewables Next Solutions, an energy services company (ESCO), to deliver energy management and energy efficiency services.

2019: Our first wind farms in Norway and Sweden came online and we continued to expand in France.

2020: Falck Renewables entered a strategic partnership with Eni to accelerate the development of our renewables portfolio in the US.

We issued Italy’s first Green Convertible


2021: Our first Spanish wind farm came into operation, and we continued to expand in the US. We acquired the italian company SAET, which designs and builds high voltage electrical systems and energy storage plants.

The first Italian project with direct community involvement began with a crowdfunding campaign for the Landolina (Scicli) plant in Sicily.

2022: The company was bought by institutional investors and changed its name to Renantis.

Falck Renewables evolved into Renantis

Today our growth strategy is supported by pension funds managed by IIF and advised by JP Morgan, ensuring our stability and long-term vision. Renantis has 62 plants with an installed capacity of 1,420MW in Italy, the UK, the US, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden and Norway. We also offer business and technical consulting, engineering and M&A services, with more than 5,100MW of solar and wind energy managed for third parties and 17 plants with community benefit schemes.

Our community involvement

As an early leader in community engagement, we began building relationships with the communities around our onshore projects in the UK from the very beginning. Since establishing the first community benefit fund in 2005, we have created successful and trusted community engagement and funding initiatives at all plants in the UK, Sweden, and Norway, as well as some of our projects in Spain, Italy and France.

Our people

A diverse workforce is essential for Renantis. A blend of characteristics, life experiences and heritage can enhance creativity, provide different perspectives and suggest new ways of working within teams, and we champion this.