Solar power for business clients

Clients can buy or rent photovoltaic (PV) equipment, and we can arrange an on-site power purchase agreement (PPA) that ensures the company benefits from the power it is generating.

We help companies to build systems on their own land or rooftops, and we can arrange the purchase of land on which to site a new system if necessary.

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Land lease: solar panels on your land or your roof

Our services are suitable for landowners with more than 1.5 hectares or properties with roof space of 7,000 sq m and above.

Clients can transfer to Renantis the surface right to build a roof- or ground-mounted PV system. In return, the client receives solar energy at a fixed price for the duration of the contract without having to do anything.

For more than 25 years, our Energy Team subsidiary has provided integrated energy efficiency services for Italian companies of all sizes

Our monitoring systems allow us to design a bespoke monitoring programme to show how much energy the client is using and help them to use energy more sustainably. Our experts work closely with the client to improve their energy management.

Our solutions:


Our innovative and sophisticated tools capture energy consumption data, providing comprehensive, timely energy analysis and supporting sustainability reporting, which is increasingly important to all companies.

Energy Team consulting services

Our energy management experts create sophisticated energy models and energy audits to track clients’ energy performance. These audits identify key opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

Energy Team also supports clients post-audit, helping them to implement energy efficiency solutions and ensuring they are effective, as well as offering support and maintenance services (remote or on-site). We can help clients to implement a successful energy efficiency strategy and to achieve the industry-leading energy management standard ISO 50001:2018.

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