Our package allows businesses to benefit from solar power without having to do anything.

We take care of everything from authorisation requests and managing incentive schemes, through to developing and managing the plant and the payment of any bonuses.

The customer can use the energy generated to power all or part of their operations, cutting their costs, and increasing their energy security and independence.

As part of our policy of transparency, we share all the technical and economic details of the project and we take full responsibility for operating and maintaining the plant, with performance guarantees.

Investment and Management

We make any initial investments required and manage any incentive schemes at our expense.

Technical and Economic Issues

We share all technical and economic aspects of the project with the client.

Plant Management

We operate and maintain the plant and offer performance guarantees.


Contract durations can vary depending on the payback period but are typically between 12 and 15 years.


We offer the option of handing over the installation to the customer on completion of the contract, enabling them to benefit from all future savings.


Fully deductible fee.

Why choose a leasing contract?


Start saving money immediately, with savings increasing over the course of the contract.


Guarantee your energy price and protect yourself against grid electricity price volatility.


Reduce your dependence on grid electricity, where prices are volatile and more expensive.


Increase the value of your property and take ownership of the system as new at the end of the contract period.


Each contract is drafted according to the customer’s needs in terms of duration, termination and advance payment.

Our alternatives to operating lease

If you want a flexible and reliable PV system, but an operating lease does not suit your needs, we offer other options.

1. Payment by instalments
2. Onsite PPA