Our manifesto

​We aim to lead the energy transition, investing in all the elements that are crucial for its implementation: renewable generation, electrification, energy efficiency and more flexible consumption.

We will provide the energy solutions that produce a more sustainable energy system, using our extensive experience and skills. What differentiates us is our duty of care towards our colleagues, clients, the environment, and the communities within which we work.​

​This starts with an expert understanding of how the market is evolving and ends with creating shared value for all.​ ​

Our pillars


Caring for all our stakeholders has been a defining feature of who we are throughout our history. It defines the collaborative and sharing approach that we adopt in everything we do as we seek to make the world a better place, for the planet and its people.​


We are constantly striving for improvement through innovation – in our technology and the way we work. Our innovation is backed by our depth of expertise, ensuring that progress does not come at the expense of reliability and safety.


We are constantly working to improve our diversity. This is reflected in the diverse competencies we offer as a group, which allow us to build a global presence and a knowledge base that spans the entire value chain.​


We exist to build a better future. To make that goal a reality, we bring to bear all our expertise and all the elements required to make it a reality. ​