Our services are suitable for landowners with more than 1.5 hectares of land or properties with roof space of 7,000m2 and above.

Customers can transfer to Renantis the right to build a roof- or ground-mounted solar system.

In return, the client receives solar energy at a fixed price for a prearranged period of time without having to do anything.

Our Services


We install a fully guaranteed PV system in exchange for the right to build the system.

Investment and Management

We make the initial investments required and fully manage the application process for any available incentives at our expense, with no need for action by the client.

Technical and Financial Issues

We share all technical and financial information with the client.

Plant Management

We operate and maintain the plant entirely at our expense, and provide performance guarantees.


We pay a fee – either a single payment or an annual fee – for the duration of the contract for the right to produce power, meaning the land or roof becomes a source of income for the client.

Asbestos Remediation Fee

For rooftop PV, the fee will cover all or part of the cost of any remediation measures and re-roofing. Whatever is left is yours.

Why choose the surface rights solution?


We pay you for the use of your land or roof, allowing you to earn money from an unused resource.

Guaranteed performance

In exchange for the surface rights, we install a guaranteed solar PV system.

Peace of Mind

We take care of everything without interruption to your business, and we pay for the whole thing.


You can produce green energy and contribute to the energy transition.

Beyond Surface Rights

In return for the transfer of surface rights, we can offer the customer the option to buy the electricity produced by the plant at a fixed priced for a prearranged period of time.