Asset Management

Through our technical asset management services, we supervise plant maintenance, monitor and maximise performance, and carry out diagnostic activities to assess plant operating conditions. 

Digitalising asset management services is crucial to meet the challenges the renewable energy sector faces.

As part of its digitalisation strategy, Vector Renewables uses NUO, a digital asset management platform that allows operations to be standardised, with certain tasks being partially automated. The platform also enhances our understanding of the data from the sites we manage, improving the service we offer.

Technical Advisory

Our technical advisory team covers all the technical aspects associated with developing, financing, constructing and operating renewable plants: from the feasibility study to design engineering, technical due diligence (also known as Lender’s Advisory) to supervising construction, through to commissioning, performance monitoring, lifetime assessment and extension, and repowering.

During development, Vector Renewables performs energy yield assessments, provides support in reviewing the authorisation process, engineering design review and consultancy, technical support in the procurement phase, and legal assistance.  

During construction, up to the testing and handover of the plant, we assess the quality, compliance, conformity and adequacy of the works, and verify the associated capital expenditure.
Finally, during operation, Vector Renewables offers supplemental monitoring and performance reporting with in-depth analysis to improve the performance of the plant. Analysing historical operating data helps us to devise ways to extend the useful life of the asset or plan a possible repowering. 

Legal Advisory and Strategic Consulting

We provide comprehensive legal advisory services at all stages of a renewable energy project.

Our team has extensive experience in commercial and corporate law, financing and refinancing process, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory law and financial law in markets around the world.

Legal and M&A

Vector Renewables provides services in corporate law, corporate restructuring, due diligence, real estate law, independent expert reports, and technical agreements.

Our expertise in asset management, technical and legal advisory services enables us to provide comprehensive advice to clients in renewable energy markets around the world.

NUO: In-House Platform for Digital Asset Management

NUO is a platform that uses digitalisation, standardisation and automation to make renewable energy assets more efficient. An essential tool in the energy transition, it offers integrated control of all projects, no matter where they are or what type of technology is involved.

Why NUO?

NUO maximises renewable asset productivity and quality through standardisation, digitalisation and automation.


NUO consolidates data for all projects into a single platform with common KPIs. The dashboard includes project overview, document repository, data integration and data administration.


NUO monitors events in real time and highlights trends to forecast scenarios and inform decision-making, as well as providing performance analysis and energy management.


NUO keeps all your tasks under control and monitors contractor performance.


NUO enables you to see the financial and technical performance of your portfolios at a glance, with customisable dashboards and financial modelling.