Sustainability is part of our DNA and our commitment to sustainability reaches far beyond the traditional understanding of the term.

Although producing clean energy and enabling its use is fundamental to what we do, we believe it is our responsibility to do more.

For us, sustainability means creating shared value for all our stakeholders, whether through funding for the communities surrounding our energy plants, community ownership of our projects or ensuring that our developments are built and maintained with support from the local workforce and supply chain. 

Sustainability is about safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which we operate. Building relationships with our communities, being transparent and caring in our approach, and redistributing value is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a global player in renewable energy with operational assets in the UK, Italy, the US, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden, using wind power, solar power, waste-to-energy, biomass and energy storage systems.

Our assets and growth plan

We are a global player in renewable energy with operational assets in the UK, Italy, the US, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden, using wind power, solar power, waste-to-energy, biomass and energy storage systems. Our asset base is constantly expanding and evolving as we diversify our pipeline of projects.

Our impact

  • 1,429.7 MW installed
  • 12,398 MW awaiting authorisation
  • 3,246 GWh generated in 2022

The group in numbers

Economic and productive

€ 244.2M added value distributed to all our stakeholders

1,429.7 MW
Total installed capacity, of which
⟶ 1,096 MW onshore wind
⟶ 278.7 MW solar
⟶ 46 MW biomass & WTE

3,246 GWh total energy produced in 2022

10.6 GW
Floating offshore wind pipeline
⟶ 5.1 GW in Scotland and the Celtic Sea
⟶ 5.5 GW in Italy

Social and relational

Plants with significant community engagement programmes

€ 1.6M
The value of community benefit schemes (UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Spain) supporting more than 40 communities

First community benefit scheme in France

Two calls for projects to provide support during the energy crisis for communities in Italy and the UK

Environmental and climate

0.53 MtCO2eq avoided GHG emissions thanks to 3,061 GWh of renewable energy produced

Agrivoltaic approach in Italy, France and Spain

Sustainability Excellence
Certificate in Spain for two new renewable projects

78% of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources


43.6 hours
Average yearly training per employee


The percentage of women on the BoD

Top Employer
certified 2022 for second year

Number of employees (+9% vs 2021)

Our services

As pioneers in the renewable energy sector, we have a strong track record of providing specialist services at all stages of the value chain – from planning to production and consumption.

Commerce and industry

We help our industry and service sector clients to procure green energy, and use energy more efficiently and flexibly.

Energy producers

We help energy producers to optimise their revenue with competitive, customised energy and asset management solutions that use available infrastructure and resources more effectively.

For transmission systems operators

We offer complete solutions for high voltage connections, to private and public users, for transmission and distribution networks globally. We can deliver turnkey solutions from engineering to construction and commissioning. We can supply all the necessary equipment, and develope protection and control systems as needed.

Along the entire value chain


Identification of a suitable location for a plant, wind or photovoltaic, with characteristics such as accessibility, distance from the grid, extent of the resource, and terrain. Resolution of the permitting process for the construction of the plant.

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EPC contract for everything related to the design (engineering), procurement (procurement) and construction (construction) phase of a plant, as well as its maintenance and delivery.

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Energy production and dispatch

Energy produced by our renewable plants and third-party plants under management is produced and dispatched with the support of the Energy Management division.

Dispatch involves sale to the open market or offtaking agreements with third parties.

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Transmission and distribution

TSOs are responsible for the transmission of electricity over long distances, from the power plants that produce it, to transformer substations so that it reaches the end customer.

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Monitoring production and consumption

A platform that maximises the productivity and quality of asset management through standardisation, digitisation and automation, with a view to improving the performance of a renewable plant through predictive analytics.

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