It began in 2002 with the establishment of our business, focusing entirely on renewable energy.

One of our first activities was the installation of a biomass plant in Calabria, Italy with an installed capacity of 14 MW.  Pioneering investment in renewables in the UK, the company established its first UK office in London soon after.

Adopting a virtuous investment model since its inception, the company pioneered community ownership, sharing the value from renewable energy plants with local communities. In 2004 the first wind farm in Spain, Eolica Cabezo San Roque, with a capacity of 23 MW was acquired, and the following year its first wind farm in the UK. When it was commissioned, Cefn Croes was the largest onshore wind farm in the UK, with an installed capacity of 58.5 MW.  

Thanks to a pioneering partnership with Energy4All, thousands of people were able to form cooperatives to purchase a share of their local wind farm. In 2006, the first wind farm developed by the company, Boyndie wind farm in Scotland, was completed, followed by the completion of Earlsburn Wind Farm in 2007. In the following two years, Ben Aketil, Millennium and Kilbraur wind farms in Scotland became operational, with a total installed capacity of 160 MW. Soon after, eight cooperatives were formed to share in the profits of the wind farms in their areas.

The company has worked closely with communities in the UK since 2006

In 2010, we became Falck Renewables

With an installed capacity of 450 MW, Falck Renewables became one of the most significant pure players in the sector. Between 2011 and 2012, the Buddusò-Alà dei Sardi wind farm (138 MW) and Petralia Sottana wind farm (22 MW) came into operation in Italy.

In 2014 the company acquired Vector Renewables, deciding to enter the market of asset management and technical advisory services for solar and wind power plants.

At the end of 2015, installed capacity in the UK, Italy, France, and Spain totaled 700 MW.

While continuing to grow in existing markets, significant development of new wind and solar power plants took place. In 2017, Falck Renewables entered the renewable energy market in the US with the acquisition of a 92 MW solar plant in North Carolina, further expanding the installed capacity. In 2019, the 50 MW Hennoy wind farm in Norway and the 47 MW Aliden wind farm in Sweden became operational, complimented by the acquisition of 56 MW of wind power in France. In 2021, the 10 MW Carrecastro wind farm in Spain came into operation and the acquisition of a further 62 MW in the USA was completed at the end of the year.

The acquisition of Energy Team, a leading Italian operator in monitoring, control, and management of energy consumption that, brought more than 25 years’ experience to the group in 2018. This year also saw the creation of the Falck Renewables Next Solutions to deliver energy management and energy efficiency services.

In 2021, the Group expanded its scope of business, after acquiring SAET, responsible for the design and construction of high voltage electrical systems and energy storage plants.

The Group also worked with other industry leaders to develop offshore wind farms in the UK and Italy, with this new business significantly contributing to growth prospects.

2016 marked a milestone for the Group, breaking new ground and expanding its boundaries to the United States, Sweden, and Norway.

Falck Renewables evolved into Renantis

In  2022, the majority shareholder in the company changed, beginning the process leading to the delisting of the bond from the Milan Stock Exchange on 18 May 2022.  

Today the company’s growth strategy is supported by pension funds managed by IIF and advised by JP Morgan, ensuring stable prospects and a long-term vision. Renantis has 62 plants with an installed capacity of 1,420 MW in Italy, the UK, the US, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden and Norway. In addition, it offers business and technical consulting, engineering and M&A services, with more than 5,300 MW of solar and wind energy managed for third parties and 18 plants with benefit schemes in partnership with local communities.