Operating assets sustainably

As a leading developer and operator of renewable energy projects, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to our operational assets span the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden. From onshore and offshore wind, to solar, waste to energy, biomass and energy storage, our assets contribute to a better future for all.

Our activities centre around the pillar of care, whether it’s care for colleagues, communities or the environment. By building on these foundations, we develop and operate projects that are sustainable from both an environmental and economic point of view.

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Operational excellence

We strive to achieve operational excellence on all of our assets.

This means maximising the availability of our plants, refining operational costs and prioritising innovation.

Our drive for operational excellence will maximise the environmental, societal and economic benefits, led by our purpose to build a better future for all by powering people’s every day lives with care.

Our technologies

Onshore Wind

We have 1096 MW of wind power installed in Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom, where we rank among the major private operators in the field of renewable energy.

We operate successfully in a competitive and fast-growing market thanks to close collaboration with local developers in the initial stages of the project, through solid relationships with landowners and making use, wherever possible, of local suppliers.

Photovoltaic and Agrivoltaic

Our activity in the photovoltaics sector – with 278 MW installed in Italy, the United States and Spain– involves the management of plants that are currently in operation.

Integrating our assets with their surroundings allows us to be respectful of the landscape and environment. And we do this because we care.

In partnership with academies and agricultural institutes, we have developed our agrivoltaic approach, which integrates energy generation through solar PV with agricultural production.


We identify and develop initiatives of energy storage either in combination with renewable projects or standing alone.

We are the first company in Italy to provide the Fast Reserve service required by the Italian transmission system operator. We designed and built a storage system, with 9 MW of power (8 MWh of distributed energy), in the electrical station to power the logistics platform of Vado Ligure’s port.

Biomass and WTE

We operate in the biomass and waste-to-energy generation sector with 46 MW of installed in Italy.

Of these, 15 MW refer to the biomass power plant in Rende (Cosenza), 20 MW to the waste-to-energy plant in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan) and 11 MW s to the waste-to-energy plant in Granarolo dell’Emilia (Bologna).