11 April 2022 – School children from the municipality of Illois have visited Illois windfarm to witness the erection of the turbine masts, nacelles and blades. The windfarm will consist of 6 wind turbines of 2MW and will produce enough energy to power 6,150 households.

This visit ties in with school’s curriculum about sustainable development and enables the students to understand how sustainable energy help protecting the earth for their future.

The sharing of knowledge is an important factor for Falck Renewables.

Indeed, this was the second visit of the school to the site: the Mayor and the members of the municipality’s council visited the site the day before to learn about the value of local engagement and the importance of building a strong partnership with the local community.

We thank all of the stakeholders, the municipality, the school of Illois and the turbine manufacturer Vestas for these successful visits.