Falck Renewables awarded Excellence in Sustainability Certification for its Campos de Levante project

Published on 15/09/2022




Falck Renewables awarded Excellence in Sustainability Certification for its Campos de Levante project 


Milan, Italy, 15 September 2022 – Falck Renewables was the first company in Spain to be awarded, in 2021, the Certification in Excellence in Sustainability and Conservation of Biodiversity in photovoltaic plants for its Campo de Levante project in Chiva (Valencia, Spain). The certificate was presented at an official ceremony in Talayuela (province of Caceres, Extremadura) on 13 September by Sara Aagesen, Secretary of State for Energy at the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge of the Government of Spain to Juan Antonio Blanco, Falck Renewables’ Director of Business Development in Spain.

The Certification, issued by the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), recognizes that the solar plant and the surrounding area meet the highest standards of social and environmental integration, respect for biodiversity and circular economy principles. Among the socioeconomic criteria for certification is the positive impact on local employment at solar plants and dialogue with local communities. The environmental criteria assess the location and design of the plant, as well as the environmental impact and the reversible design of the installations.

This recognition is an honor for Falck Renewables and its people in Spain. The Campos de Levante project symbolizes our effort to develop 100% sustainable projects respecting the environment and sharing the benefits with the local community who are involved throughout the entire development process and operation of the plant. This focus on social, environmental and sustainability issues is at the core of all our projects in this and other communities”, said Juan Antonio Blanco.

The Campos de Levante project, due for completion by the end of 2023, complies with each of the audited requirements, confirming Falck Renewables’ commitment to sustainability, local development, and the energy transition. The plant takes an innovative approach and includes agrivoltaics, which combines the installation of rows of photovoltaic modules compatible with local crops which encourage pollination. In addition, it allows grazing and ensures biodiversity, to preserve and diversify agricultural activities in the area. Falck Renewables has involved local organizations and institutions, farmers in the region and experts in the project.

The construction of the plant in the municipality of Chiva will provide social and economic benefits to local communities, supplying energy to nearly 80,000 homes. The plant will provide more than 500 jobs during its construction, boosting the local supply chain. The plant will generate approximately 4 million euros per year in tax revenue from ICIO (Tax on constructions, installations and works), as well as more than € 600,000 per year from IBICE (Tax on Real Estate) and IAE (Tax on Business Activities), among other taxes.

Sara Aagesen and Juan Antonio Blanco at the official ceremony on 13 September 2022



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