11 April 2022 – Solare B2B, an Italian magazine for solar energy professionals, featured Falck Renewables’ agrivoltaic projects in Italy with a focus on the Group’s approach aimed at involving local communities. Maurizio La Rovere, project and area manager at Falck Renewables, explained: "There are two main approaches that do not compete with each other: that of farmers who install elevated structures on their own assets (small to medium-sized plants for self-consumption or investment) and that of energy operators who build utility-scale plants with the involvement of farmers to ensure the continuity and compatibility of crops or livestock. The two activities can co-exist on the same site while maintaining their functional independence.”
Giangiacomo Altobelli, who is responsible for relations with the local communities at Falck Renewables, spoke on the involvement of local people from the earliest stages of planning of renewables plants. Altobelli launched "Coltiviamo energia", the crowdfunding campaign set up for Falck Renewables’ agrivoltaic project in Scicli, in the province of Ragusa (Sicily), and open to local and Sicilian residents. In 60 days, the campaign raised 178,861 euro from a total of 68 investors, far exceeding the initial target of 100,000 euro.

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