30 September 2021 – Energy Team has obtained ISO 14001 certification, relating to the Environmental Management System. This important milestone is in addition to ISO 50001 for the Energy Management System, ISO 9001 for the Quality Management Systems and UNI CEI 11352 ESCo for the Energy Service Company. For the complete list of certifications click here.

This important certification process demonstrates that the company has a robust management system in place in order to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities and systematically seeks its improvement in a consistent, effective and above all, sustainable way.

The 14000 group standards are inspired by the PDCA model (Plan-Do-Check-Act, also known as the Deming cycle after its creator William Edwards Deming), a four-stage management method used to control and continuously improve processes.

The four phases of the model are:

  • P – Plan. Planning to establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected outcomes.

  • D – Do. Execution of the program, in a defined framework.

  • C – Check. Testing and controlling, data collection and analysis for comparison with expected outcomes.

  • A – Act. Action to finalize and/or improve the process and extend what has been tested to the entire organization. Requiring corrective actions on significant differences between actual and expected results.

The purpose of the PDCA model is to promote within the company a culture of quality aimed at continuous and over-all improvement of processes and the optimal use of resources (energy, economic, human, etc.).
The advantage of working together with an ISO 14001 certified company is the certainty of being able to count on the value of sustainability of the business in commercial terms, respect for the environment and natural resources, quality, and customer satisfaction.