26 July 2022 – Energy Team ranked first in the expression of interest, promoted by RSE (Ricerca Sistema Energetico / Energy System Research), for a partner for the development of a digital platform to support the planning, management and optimisation of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs).

Energy Team obtained the highest score thanks to the proposal of a large, dedicated structure, able to provide 360-degree support for the implementation of innovative solutions within its management platform for energy communities.

This is designed to meet the monitoring needs of all those involved in the communities and ensure energy performance management, thanks to the analysis and optimization of resources.

The result obtained, with the first place in the RSE ranking, is an important recognition of the work carried out so far in the energy communities and innovation, thanks to the contribution of highly qualified professionals and a high-tech product.

Energy Team is already able to offer energy community managers a dedicated App within CloE, the platform born thanks to the company’s experience of over 25 years in supporting customers with products and services suitable for data monitoring, processing and management, combining economic and environmental sustainability.