Developing projects sustainably

For almost two decades, we have built projects sustainably, never forgetting the pioneering spirit that we bring to supporting local communities around our projects.

For us, sustainability is not just producing and enabling the use of clean energy, it is also about creating shared value for all our stakeholders while safeguarding the environment where we operate.

We are committed to building strong relationships and links with all stakeholders, ensuring that we share the economic value generated. Our work with the communities around our assets brings social benefits, and by adopting advanced technologies and design solutions, we minimise the environmental impact, integrating it responsibly in the local area.

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Our technologies under development


When we develop onshore renewable projects, our considerations reach far beyond the site and the technology. Everything we do revolves around partnerships – with landowners, local communities who live near our projects, local workforce for both project construction and O&M, and public officials. By building on these foundations, we develop projects that are sustainable from both an environmental and economic point of view.


The concept of agrivoltaic design is based on the installation of solar panels that automatically adjust their tilt maximises both agricultural production and energy yield. The main criteria for agrivoltaic development include the facilitation of agricultural activities, the creation of new industries and local employment and the preservation of soil fertility.


We realize electrochemical storage systems, whether standalone or associated to other plants (renewables, industrials, etc.). Storage systems reduce dependence on the national grid, providing economic and technical benefits by dispatching the energy produced. Our software solutions and simulators also support technical and economic feasibility studies.

Floating offshore

With significant wind resource offshore, we are combining our drive to innovate with our commitment to building a better future for all to develop floating offshore wind farms.

Partnering with BlueFloat Energy as a strategic and experienced partner, we will develop floating offshore wind farms in the UK and Italy to provide clean, zero carbon energy to the Italian regions of Apulia, Sardinia and Calabria, as well as Scotland, Wales and South West England in the UK.

Cutting-edge floating wind technology will enable the plants to be located in deeper water, and further offshore, minimising visual and environmental impacts while taking full advantage of stronger and more consistent winds. We will bring community involvement and ownership to offshore wind for the first time, while developing local supply chains and job creation to both the UK and Italy.

We bring together renewable energy and green hydrogen to replace natural gas and reduce carbon emissions

Cabezo De San Roque, Aragón

The hydrogen production plant will be constructed near RESIDUOS ARAGON in Los Pitarcos, an industrial area of Muel (Zaragoza) in the Aragon region.

The plant will operate using energy from a wind farm in Cabezo de San Roque, approximately 6 km from the Residuos Aragon site.